State Offices of Homeland Security

In addition to the federal Department of Homeland Security, each state had developed its own department, office, commission, or task force responsible for overseeing homeland security within that state. The following is a listing of these state offices:

ALABAMA: Department of Homeland Security.

ALASKA: Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

ARIZONA: Homeland Security Planning Office.

CALIFORNIA: Office of Homeland Security.

COLORADO: Office for Preparedness, Security, and Fire Safety.

CONNECTICUT: Division of Homeland Security, Department of Public Safety.

DELAWARE: Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

FLORIDA: Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

GEORGIA: Office of Homeland Security.

HAWAII: Hawaii State Civil Defense.

IDAHO: Bureau of Homeland Security.

ILLINOIS: Illinois Homeland Security.

INDIANA: Indiana Counter-Terrorism and Security Council.

IOWA: Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

KANSAS: Division of Emergency Management.

KENTUCKY: Office of Homeland Security.

LOUISIANA: Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

MAINE: Emergency Management Agency.

MARYLAND: Governor’s Office of Homeland Security.

MASSACHUSETTS: Executive Office of Public Safety.

MICHIGAN: Michigan Homeland Security.

MINNESOTA: Office of Homeland Security.

MISSISSIPPI: Office of Homeland Security.

MISSOURI: Missouri Homeland Security.

MONTANA: Disaster and Emergency Services Division.

NEBRASKA: Emergency Management Agency.

NEVADA: Homeland Security Commission.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Department of Safety.

NEW JERSEY: Office of Emergency Management.

NEW MEXICO: Office of Homeland Security.

NEW YORK: State Emergency Management Office.

NORTH CAROLINA: Department of Crime Control and Public Safety.

NORTH DAKOTA: Department of Emergency Services.

OHIO: State of Ohio Security Task Force.

OKLAHOMA: Office of Homeland Security.

OREGON: Office of Homeland Security.

PENNSYLVANIA: Office of Homeland Security.

RHODE ISLAND: Emergency Management Agency.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Law Enforcement Division.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Office of Homeland Security.

TENNESSEE: Office of Homeland Security.

TEXAS: Office of Homeland Security.

UTAH: Department of Public Safety’s Division of Emergency Services and Homeland Security.

VERMONT: Department of Public Safety Homeland Security Unit.

VIRGINIA: Office of Commonwealth Preparedness.

WASHINGTON: Emergency Management Division.

WEST VIRGINIA: Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

WISCONSIN: Homeland Security Council.

WYOMING: Office of Homeland Security.

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